Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Im Hungry

So the last few days went well. I have been to the gym every other day. I did not go today...thinking about going tonight.... But, instead i made the trek to the grocery store to replenish my refrigerator with foods that are healthy and that I love. i made a list of  all the vegtables that i really like. No, you will not see any cauliflower on this list...ha. but, in order to keep the momentum I chose foods I would normally eat. Like broccoli, I love that stuff steamed, grilled, sauteed...etc. Also on my list are all the meats that I might possibly eat. I grabbed bags of grilled chicken, frozen shrimp...and a huge bag of brown rice to balance out for a full dinner. In the past I would buy tons of vegtables and they would not get eaten, and go bad....thus wasting my money....And this single mom does not have money to waste. Frozen peas please. I put a bag of frozen assorted veggies in the basket as I was walking around the store. I stuck to my list. I had a section for snacks that listed: grapes, almonds, boiled eggs, popcorn etc. and a Misc section...which included raisins, zip lock baggies, and container to portion out meals. Almonds; hands down are my secret weapon....they help make my skin smooth and clear and soft and boost my metabolism...

A typically day planned out would look like so:

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/raisins
Snack: Apple slices w/ cheese and crackers
Lunch: Romaine salad w/garlic shrimp onions, tomatoes, parmesans.red wine vinegarette/evoo for dressing
Snack: Grapes and handful of almonds
Dinner: Grilled bbq chicken with brown rice and mix veggies and salad
Snack: 1 c popcorn air popped...with tea

Breakfast: Juicing(spinach,green apple, carrots)
Snack: Carrots and celery/almonds
Lunch: Romaine salad with steak with strawberries pecans onion/tom and vinegarette
Snack: Hard boilded egg/ oranges
Dinner: Salmon with brown rice and aspargus
Snack: Almonds and tea

7am,10am, 12pm,3pm,5pm, 7pm....this would be my typical day of 6 small meals.

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  1. Your meal choices sound yummy! Whats on the menu today? Are you going to the gym? keep up the hard work! You can do it girl:) Love ya