Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Im Hungry

So the last few days went well. I have been to the gym every other day. I did not go today...thinking about going tonight.... But, instead i made the trek to the grocery store to replenish my refrigerator with foods that are healthy and that I love. i made a list of  all the vegtables that i really like. No, you will not see any cauliflower on this list...ha. but, in order to keep the momentum I chose foods I would normally eat. Like broccoli, I love that stuff steamed, grilled, sauteed...etc. Also on my list are all the meats that I might possibly eat. I grabbed bags of grilled chicken, frozen shrimp...and a huge bag of brown rice to balance out for a full dinner. In the past I would buy tons of vegtables and they would not get eaten, and go bad....thus wasting my money....And this single mom does not have money to waste. Frozen peas please. I put a bag of frozen assorted veggies in the basket as I was walking around the store. I stuck to my list. I had a section for snacks that listed: grapes, almonds, boiled eggs, popcorn etc. and a Misc section...which included raisins, zip lock baggies, and container to portion out meals. Almonds; hands down are my secret weapon....they help make my skin smooth and clear and soft and boost my metabolism...

A typically day planned out would look like so:

Breakfast: Oatmeal w/raisins
Snack: Apple slices w/ cheese and crackers
Lunch: Romaine salad w/garlic shrimp onions, tomatoes, parmesans.red wine vinegarette/evoo for dressing
Snack: Grapes and handful of almonds
Dinner: Grilled bbq chicken with brown rice and mix veggies and salad
Snack: 1 c popcorn air popped...with tea

Breakfast: Juicing(spinach,green apple, carrots)
Snack: Carrots and celery/almonds
Lunch: Romaine salad with steak with strawberries pecans onion/tom and vinegarette
Snack: Hard boilded egg/ oranges
Dinner: Salmon with brown rice and aspargus
Snack: Almonds and tea

7am,10am, 12pm,3pm,5pm, 7pm....this would be my typical day of 6 small meals.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Let the Journey Begin

So this is it. This is the beginning of the end. The last day to be lazy...Because I am far from lazy. The last day to eat junk food...Because I love my body. Come follow me...Cora, as I document day to day experiences with self esteem, weight issues, body issues, and defeating the voice in my head that tells me to keep sitting on the couch. It all started  when I got out of the shower this morning. The stomach that used to be smooth and flat heaped over and made a crease...It had never made a crease before...My thighs rubbed together, they had never rubbed together that same way. Now that I think about it when I was walking the other day I remember hearing a "swish swish...swish swish" as I gracefully walked to the other side of the room...It was my thighs and I ignored it until today...When I decided that I didnt want to "swish" anymore.

I have a great friend, Britni, that was the first person I told about my journey and how I would document it online with pictures. She invited me to a Power Flex class at The Alaska Club...I said I couldnt go...She she would wait for me...and run on the treadmill. I knew after telling her about my "New" journey that I had to make it to the gym. Its 625pm and I need to be there by 645pm...Ive Got This!!